We’re a niche metal stamping company that lives by the mantra Just-Be-Ready. We promptly provide realistic stamping solutions for all complex applications in order to make our customers successful. Our robotic feed system ensures consistent quality and on-time delivery. In house tooling is maintained for each customer and for the life of every part produced.

the winco advantage

    • part to part and order to order repeat-ability

    • standardization of in-house equipment

    • tighter tolerances than fabrication

    • ability to react quickly to design changes

    • lower piece price than fabrication

    • climate controlled factory

    • lower tooling expenditure than progressive dies

    • blanking presses up to 150 tons

Leading the Industry

Our state-of-the art facility offers great advantages over other manufacturing processes and our competitors. Find out how Winco Stamping can help you be competitive in your market.

Custom Metal STamping

At Winco Stamping we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to any of our partnerships. Our tooling is completely customized and we’re able to meet your exact manufacturing needs through extensive list of value added services.

our niche

Forming Metals and Relationships

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winco part parameters

Part Selection Parameters

  • Formed, stampied or fabricated parts
  • Carbon steel, stainless steels, aluminum, or copper alloys
  • Annual quantity per part number 1,000 units to 100,000 units

Part Raw Material Thickness

  • Hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel or galvanized steel -0.15″ to .194″ (6 gage)
  • Stainless steel (annealed) -.015″ to .120″
  • Aluminum or copper alloys -.015″ to .190″

Part Size Selection

  • Ideal part size – formed parts where the flat blacnks are less that 8.5″x11″
  • Possible part size – formed parts where flat blanks are up to 14″x17″

Part Tolerances

  • Pierced holes +/-.003″ on shear side of hole
  • Blanked dimensions +/-.005″ on shear side of part
  • Formed dimensions +/-.010″ inside of bend
  • Bend angles +/-1&deg

Value-Added Secondaries

  • Orbital riveting
  • CD stud welding
  • PEM fastener insertion
  • Kitting & labeling
  • Machining

Part Information Desired for Quotes

  • Part drawings
  • Part volumes
  • Specifications for materials & finishing
  • Samples – if available

Use our design guide to determine capabilities.

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