Winco Stamping Inc. has been providing metal stamping (low-cost alternative to fabrication) solutions for over 70 years. From start to finish, our engineers stay focused on delivering exactly what’s needed quickly and without compromising quality. If you’re looking for guidance in engineering a short-to-medium production run part, our team with decades of experience can help.

the winco advantage

    • part number dedicated tooling

    • programmable wire edm

    • low-cost tooling

    • quick tool change

    • in-house tool room

    • robots running 24/7

During our metal stamping design process, we take into consideration important aspects that result in functionality, durability and longevity. Considerations include hole diameters, webbing between holes, the edge of part to edge of hole, bend line to the edge of hole, overall tolerances and many more. It is because of these considerations and the technology that supports our operations that we can deliver consistency across every project we take on.

New Components or Product Evolvement

Whether you’re looking for an expert to design a part for the first time or take a component one step further, Winco is a great place to start. Design flexibility enables our engineers to successfully design and execute both new components or enhancements to already-existing products. We’ll always provide our professional recommendations to make sure the final result is exactly what’s needed – from materials used to required dimensions.

Durable Materials selected for your needs

Depending on the level of tolerance required in your application, we offer many materials to combat your restrictions. Materials used include: Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Pre-galvanized Steel, Annealed Spring Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper and Stampable Plastics

You Can Trust Our Proven Process

Request a Quote

  • Upon inquiring for metal stamping design and engineering, you’ll receive a quote for design, tooling, piece pricing and lead time within 48 hours. During this step, you’ll save money thanks to providing low cost quality tooling and you’ll receive free storage and maintenance of all tooling.

Place Purchase Order

  • Our metal stamping design will be built and sample parts manufactured to the desired specifications. The customer service team will notify you with a date that your samples will be delivered at no cost to you. If our sample isn’t delivered on time, your tooling is completely free. During this step, you’ll also approve the samples.

Production Parts Delivered

  • After approval and once we’ve completed your short-to-medium production runs, we will pack each part according to your specifications and ship them to you directly on time. Please note that we have the ability to ship to one or multiple locations depending on your preference.

Customer Success

  • The process doesn’t end with you receiving your parts. We strive to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction with each and every order through effortless execution, proactive, polite and thoughtful customer service and furnishing best-in-class stocking programs.

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