At Winco Stamping, we’re dedicated to providing solutions to your manufacturing needs. These solutions are not limited to metal stamping, we also manufacture flat plastic parts and components to meet you needs.

We manufacture with the most popular plastic materials including UHMW, HDPE and Nylon 6/6.

“[We appreciate Winco Stamping’s] ability to turn product around. When you need the to step up they go the extra effort when you need it” – Stamping Client

Plastic Stamping Advantages

Plastic is very common for stamped parts due to its many advantages over metal. These advantages include:

  • Accuracy – the process of manufacturing plastic stamped parts can produce a mass quantities of precise components. The potential for variations between plastic stamped parts is significantly less than that of metal stamped parts.
  • Appearance – plastic stamped parts can often be finished in one operation which removes the potential for the burnishing that happens with other materials.
  • Cost Efficiency – plastic is a cost saving material that can be produced into stampings quickly. At Winco Stamping our competitive lead times and efficient production process will ensure that you get your plastic parts on time and on budget.

Plastic Stamping Materials

Each common type of plastic for stamping has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our team of engineers is always available to provide recommendations based on your specific part requirements.

At Winco Stamping, we offer plastic stamped parts from the following materials:

  • UHMW Plastic – Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) is a durable, abrasion resistant, low cost plastic common in a number of applications to prevent wear to more delicate parts.
  • HDPE Plastic – High density polyethylene (HDPE) is a corrosion resistant material that features superior working temperature and tensile strength in comparison to other popular plastics.
  • 6/6 Nylon – This material features high tensile strength and stiffness compared to other nylon materials. It also has superior dimensional stability and a high melting point. Many non-metal washers and other similar components used in household appliances feature 6/6 nylon.

Plastic Stampings by Industry


Many lighting components are stamped from plastic. Materials like HDPE Plastic with high strength and heat resistance are commonly utilized for lighting components.


Plastic is a key product in low-cost durable furniture products manufactured today. HDPE plastic can be used as a barrier on the legs and sides of furniture items used in high traffic areas.

Restaurant Equipment

Plastic stampings can be a cost effective and food safe alternative to metal components. UHMW plastic is a common choice for a number of restaurant products including cutting boards and food processing machinery.

Other Industries Served

Many other industries benefit from cost-effective and durable plastic stampings including: commercial laundry, health care, orthopedics and more.