Annealed Steel Stamping Services by winco stamping

As stamping experts, we specialize in annealed steel stamping, a process that revolutionizes the way you approach metal fabrication. Annealing is a meticulous treatment process that involves the strategic application of heat to later the properties of the material, leading to remarkable improvements in ductility and reduction in hardness. 

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Annealed Steel Specifications

At Winco Stamping, we provide the most popular annealed steel alloys on the market to meet the unique needs of your business. Our selection includes: 

  • AISI 1050 Annealed Steel: Known for it’s cost-effectiveness, AISI 1050 Annealed Steel boasts excellent formability. With the lowest carbon content among the annealed steel products we offer, it can be easily shaped into a wide variety of forms.
  • AISI 1074/1075 Annealed Steel: This medium carbon content metal strikes a balance between strength and flexibility. Ideal for products requiring significant strength and a degree of flexibility.
  • AISI 1095 Annealed Steel: With high elasticity and carbon content, AISI 1095 Annealed Steel is a durable choice. Its flexibility while maintaining structural integrity sets it apart from other types of steel. 

Advantages of our annealing steel stamping process

Formability and Durability

Annealed steel takes center stage in enhancing formability, minimizing the risks of fractures during fabrication. Our annealed steel stamping empowers you with greater design freedom, allowing your creativity to flourish without the constraints of brittle material.

Machinability and Tool Longevity

Annealing improves machinability, making each stroke of your tool more efficient and effective. It’s a game-changer for tool longevity, reducing wear and tear that often plagues hard, brittle metals. With annealed steel, your tools stand the test of time, providing consistent performance throughout your projects.

Stress Elimination

Residual stress, the lingering aftermath of fabrication processes, can cause unforeseen complications. Annealing acts as a stress eraser, removing the remnants of tension that could mar your final product. We understand that even the most intricate details matter, and our annealed steel stamping ensures a stress-free experience.

Annealed Steel Metal Parts by Industry

Annealed Steel Lighting

Annealed steel serves as a valuable asset in crafting internal components for lighting fixtures within the industry. Whether it’s conduit segments, covers, or hooks, the utilization of annealed steel minimizes the manufacturing expenses while upholding the industry’s quality standards.

Annealed Steel Furniture

Within in furniture manufacturing sector, the challenge of bending metals to shape crucial components often brings the risk of cracking. Annealed steel allows precise conformation to your specifications while preserving the structural integrity of the final product.

Annealed Steel Restaurant Equipment

Annealed steel is a trusted choice for creating essential stamped components for restaurant equipment. This includes components for commercial garbage disposal units, meat slicers, and various equipment used in food processing and disposal. Annealed steel’s durability and versatility are key to keeping restaurant operations efficient.

Annealed Steel Heavy Equipment

Integrating annealed steel offers a significant advantage in crafting unique components without the risk of cracking. This strength and reliability are pivotal for crucial machinery, including road repair equipment, excavation vehicles, and various other industrial products, ensuring their enduring performance.

Annealed Steel Farming Equipment

Annealed stamping is a preferred choice for crafting irrigation products and essential machinery such as water transportation and harvesting equipment, because of its inherent flexibility.

Annealed Steel Tech Parts

Annealed steel is a cost-effective substitute for other malleable materials that are occasionally utilized in the Tech Industry. Utilizing annealed steel allows for more flexiblility when creating stamped parts for different mounting systems and equipment.

Winco Stamping’s Annealed Steel stamping Excellence

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