Custom Annealed Steel Stamped Parts

Winco Stamping is a custom metal stamping company that provides annealed steel stamped products. Every order is specialized to your unique project. Our niched stamped metal manufacturers will work with you every step of the way to help your vision come to life. Our production time is faster than our competitors at no additional cost to you because of our state-of-the-art in-house tooling process

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Annealed Steel Specifications

At Winco Stamping, we provide the most popular annealed steel alloys on the market in order to meet the needs of your business. These alloys include:

  • AISI 1050 Annealed Steel is the most price-conscious annealed steel. This metal can easily be formed into a wide variety of shapes and it has the lowest carbon content of the annealed steel products we offer.
  • AISI 1074/1075 Annealed Steel is a medium carbon content metal that boast a stronger and yet flexible composition, ideal for products that require significant strength and flexibility.
  • AISI 1095 Annealed Steel boasts high elasticity and high carbon content. The steel has the ability to flex as needed while remaining durable.


Annealed Steel Metal Parts by Industry

Annealed Steel Lighting

Annealed steel is often used for the internal parts of lighting fixtures. Whether you need conduit parts, covers, or hooks annealed steel is a great choice to reduce overhead for many lighting products without sacrificing quality.

Annealed Steel Furniture

While many metals could crack when bent to create the components needed to build furniture pieces, annealed steel can bend the specifications you require without sacrificing the structural integrity of the product.

Annealed Steel Restaurant Equipment

Commercial kitchens and other restaurant products rely on annealed steel for the stamped components for commercial garbage disposal units, meat slicers and other food processing and disposal equipment.

Annealed Steel Heavy Equipment

Annealed steel can create the unique components used in this industry without fear of cracking. Road repair equipment, excavation vehicles and other industrial products rely on the strength of annealed steel.

Annealed Steel Farming Equipment

Annealed steel is often used to form irrigation products and farming machinery. This steel's flexibility makes it ideal to form water transportation and harvesting equipment make it the ideal choice for many companies.

Annealed Steel Tech Parts

Annealed steel is the ideal metal for stamped computer mounting system parts due to its incredible flexibility. It's also a cost effective alternative to other flexible materials sometimes used in the production of mounting systems.

Annealed Steel Advantages

Annealing is the process of heat treating steel to reduce the hardness of the metal. Annealed steel has increased ductility and reduced internal stress. The workability of this metal allows it to be formed into a number of different shapes without risk of cracking.

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