At Winco Stamping our reason for being is to help others be successful.

This means suggesting the best program (and pricing option) – so your parts are ready when you need them.

Make to Order (MTO) – When you want us to manufacture your parts when you order

  • These are parts that will be ordered by our customer on an “as needed” basis. Our customer places the order with their desired ship date and is subject to an agreed upon lead time.
  • Quotes are tied to a specific order quantity and are subject to requote every 60 days.

Stocking ProgramsWhen you want your parts ready to ship within 48 hours

  • These parts have a negotiated part count (ROP), and, when inventory levels falls below that amount, Winco will initiate another build to ensure stock is on hand.
  • With this Stocking Program, prices are guaranteed for a minimum of 90 days.
  • At program termination, customer is obligated to issue a PO for parts in inventory and in progress.

Blanket Agreement – When you want a specific price, for a specific quantity, over a specific time frame

  • By guaranteeing the purchase volume, Winco can guarantee the piece price for up to a year.
  • Blankets can be used in conjunction with a MTO, Pre-Scheduled, Stocking Program (ROP), or Forecast methodology to have inventory available when our customer wants it.
  • Blankets may be a great option to achieve better pricing on an order – especially when special material or outside services are required – or even to “finance” a new tool!
  • At agreement termination, customer is obligated to issue a PO for any blanket quantities that remain.

Forecast Parts When you  want your parts “ready” by a specific date, but aren’t exactly sure on the timing of your shipments

  • Winco will build parts for you based on your anticipated demand prior to receipt of a discrete order. We will hold your parts for up to 90 days before requiring a customer PO.
  • Each forecast will be handled as a Blanket Agreement with a specific quantity, at a guaranteed price, for 90 days beyond your “ready” date.