Cold Rolled Steel Stamping Services by Winco Stamping

Winco Stamping has over 60 years of experience working with cold rolled steel in many industries. Cold rolled steel has a distinguished manufacturing process created through a unique, cold rolling method. Cold rolled steel is a ductile material with an impressive blend of strength and malleability that is ideal for precise applications. 

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Advantages of our cold rolled steel stamping process

Lightweight Strength

Cold rolled steel is lighter than traditional steel without compromising, making it perfect for products that require both sturdiness and easy handling. 

Corrosion Resistance

Cold rolled steel showcases superior resistance to corrosion in comparison to other materials. Your CRS-stamped parts are guaranteed to be resilient against any harsh environmental influences and ensure long-lasting durability. 

Enhanced Formability and Reduced Ductility

Cold rolled steel offers excellent workability and formability to ensure your stamped components maintain their desired shape and durability. CRS eliminates residual stress, providing a stress-free foundation for precise stamping applications.

Cold Rolled Steel Parts by Industry

Cold Rolled Steel Lighting Parts

CRS is a versatile material that finds its place in various lighting fixture components within the lighting industry. From brackets and mounts to durable socket housings, cold rolled steel adds both strength and aesthetic appeal to lighting fixtures.

Cold Rolled Steel Furniture Hardware Parts

This particular type of steel is commonly used throughout the furniture industry for hardware parts such as drawer slides, hinges, handles and more! It's durability and sleek design and functionality can elevate the quality of any furniture piece.

Cold Rolled Steel Agriculture Equipment Parts

Cold rolled steel is a reliable choice for crafting essential agriculture equipment parts, ensuring longevity and efficiency of machinery. It not only provides durability but also prevents soil from sticking, making cleanup faster and more convenient for agricultural operations.

Cold Rolled Steel Medical Equipment Parts

Cold rolled steel is a preferred material for manufacturing various medical equipment parts. As a trusted supplier, we ensure that these components meet the strict quality and safety requirements for the healthcare industry.

Cold Rolled Steel Computer Components and Parts

The use of favorable materials like cold rolled steel is essential for maintaining the stability and functionality of computer hardware components, including brackets and mounts, as they serve as the backbone for technological equipment.

Cold Rolled Steel Construction Equipment Parts

In the construction industry, cold rolled steel is a trusted choice for manufacturing construction equipment parts because of its durability and reliability in heavy construction. It's commonly used for sturdy components such as frames, supports and structural parts, which are essential for optimal performance and longevity of construction equipment.

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