Winco Stamping isn’t just here to provide high quality, competitively priced stampings, we also have the expertise and the equipment to aid your business through our large array of value added services.

assembly and secondary services to serve you


Orbital riveting, staking, upset riveting, assembling or whatever you may need, can be done either in-house or through Winco’s partnership program.

pem® insertion

Winco’s automated in-house PEM® Insertion equipment enables us to ship you ready-to-assemble stampings. Dedicated customer tooling and quick change technology are brought together.


Drilling, tapping, reaming, and coutersinking are all done in-house. Dedicated tooling is used to assure part consistency and quality all within Winco’s quick setup technology.


MIG, TIG, and resistance welding are all available thorough Winco’s local supplier base. Winco only uses the best partner suppliers to ensure your parts meet or exceed your requirements, on time, every time.

powder coating, painting, plating, e-coating & heat treating

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