Progressive Tooling with Winco Stamping

Progressive Die Stamping

Winco Stamping is known for quick turnaround times and quality stamping. We are taking our in-house tooling process one step further by adding progressive tooling to our metal stamping capabilities. Progressive tooling runs on an automatic feeding system – giving the ability to bend and punch metal for various industries in a shorter amount of time and a fraction of the cost compared to our current process.

Progressive Die Stamping Capabilities

  • Coil feed
  • Large builds/quantities of up to 1 million pieces
  • .165” thick or less
  • No brass, No bronze
  • Part size – 18” X 24” or less in the flat
Progressive Die Stamping Machine - Winco Stamping

Benefits of Progressive Tooling Through Winco stamping

With a single-stage setup, the newest addition of progressive tooling allows us to produce a large number of parts in a short amount of time. Providing our customers with what they need fast!

Metal Stamping

We provide custom metal forms for complex applications in a timeframe that promises client success.

Value-Added Services

We don't just stamp metal for you - we offer additional metal services for all our clients' parts

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When you work with Winco, you're getting more than just a supplier; you're getting a business partner.

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