At Winco Stamping we hold your stuff together. Whether it be the shelves in your shop, the light fixtures on your ceiling or the musical instrument your kid plays, we manufacture the components to make this happen. You know, the brackets, plates and clips.

Sort of like Superman, we bend steel!  More importantly, we’ll be there when you need us. 

Have an idea? Likely it’s a component we’ve done before, but even better, maybe it’s something we’ve never imagined. Our design team is excited to help. 

We partner with every one of our customers to support their vision.  What can we create together?  Let our design team help.

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Metal Stamping

We provide metal stamped parts for complex applications in an agreed-upon timeframe that supports customer success.

In-House Tooling

We'll store & maintain tooling for the life of your part. Our one-time engineering fee includes 5 free raw samples by the promised date or the engineering fee is on us.

Value-Added Services

Make Winco your one-stop shop with our network of plating, powder coat, heat treat and other valued added services.

Our 5 Core Values

  1. We care about the business like we own it.
  2. We treat each other like family.
  3. We put team before self.
  4. We make each day better than the last.
  5. We do what we say we’ll do

What Sets Us Apart?

We are dedicated to celebrating excellence, for both your company and in our own work. In addition to low-cost tooling and fast setup times for guaranteed dimensional consistency, Winco Stamping promises to:
  • Understand our customers have needs and commitments to their own customers
  • Collaborate with our customers to meet their lead time requirements
  • Be dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction
  • Act with integrity and transparency
  • On Time Pledge: Deliver your products by the date we said we would or we will credit your account 2% of the sales price

You can trust our Proven Process.

Request a Quote

  • Receive our quote for engineering, piece price and lead time within 48 hours
  • Save time and money as we develop our own tools in house
  • One-time only engineering fee for Winco tooling

Place Purchase Order

  • Tools ordered and sample parts manufactured to your specifications
  • Samples delivered on-time or your engineering fee is on us
  • Manufacture full order following sample approval

Production Parts Delivered

  • Pack parts per your specifications
  • Ship to one or more location
  • In-tolerance, correctly-dimensioned parts arrive on-time

Forming Relationship

  • Receive proactive polite, and thoughtful customer service
  • Relax with best-in-class stocking programs
  • Enjoy low maintenance supplier and trusted partner