Winco Stamping Inc. is a niche metal stamping company that lives by the mantra, Just Be Ready, we make our customers successful by promptly provide realistic stamping solutions for any complex application. Our robotic feed system ensures consistent quality and on-time delivery. In-house tooling is maintained for each customer and for the life of every part produced.

what sets us apart

    • dedicated, low cost tooling

    • quick setup times

    • short-to-medium run quantities

    • dimensional consistency

You can trust our proven process.

Request a Quote

  • Receive our quote for engineering, piece price and lead time within 48
  • Save time and money as we develop our own tools in house
  • One time engineering fee only for Winco tools

Place Purchase Order

  • Tooling built and sample parts manufactured to your specifications
  • Customer service notifies you with a date for your no cost samples
  • Samples delivered on time or your engineering fee is on us
  • Approve the samples

Production Parts Delivered

  • Pack parts per your specifications
  • Ability to ship to one or more locations
  • Receive in tolerance, correctly dimensioned parts on time

Customer Success

  • Enhancing customer loyalty and satisfaction with each order
  • Provide effortless execution
  • Receive proactive, polite, and thoughtful customer service
  • Form strong relationships through collaboration
  • Furnish best-in-class stocking programs

Sound good?