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Take your custom products to the next level with high-grade aluminum stampings from Winco Stamping. We’re an aluminum stamping company that will support your vision by providing custom aluminum parts tailored to your unique project. Thanks to our industry-leading in-house tooling capabilities and favorable lead times, you can trust that we will deliver on time and on budget.

At Winco Stamping we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to any of our partnerships. Our tooling is completely customized and we’re able to meet your exact manufacturing needs through an extensive list of value-added services.

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Aluminum Form
Learn more about the different types of metal stamping we provide, including products like this aluminum form.

Aluminum Stamping by Industry

Aluminum Lighting

Aluminum is the ideal solution for many lighting applications. 5052 Aluminum offers the necessary corrosion resistance and lightweight properties for lighting solutions.

Aluminum Furniture

Lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, aluminum parts are the best product for many furniture applications. 1100 Aluminum is both cost effective and durable enough for most furniture pieces.

Aluminum Restaurant Equipment

Aluminum is a popular choice for food service equipment parts. Aluminum is often used for medium-duty cookware components such as colanders, whisks and storage containers.

Aluminum for Industrial Automation

Aluminum is a popular for industrial automation components due to its strength. Fasteners and heat sinks are common uses for aluminum in industrial automation.

Aluminum Mobility Solutions

Ramps used in commercial, residential and recreational facilities often utilize stamped aluminum components. It's also good for wheelchairs, walkers and other mobility products.

Computer Mounting Systems

Aluminum stamped parts are often used for mounting computer systems and internal computer components. It's lightweight durability is ideal for any kind of mounting application.

Aluminum for Boats

Aluminum hardware is often used for rigging, fittings and safety railings on yachts. When you need lightweight metal with a tight tolerance, aluminum components are ideal.

Independent Living Aids

Whether you’re manufacturing walking canes, letter writing aids, wheelchair baskets, or other similar devices, aluminum stampings are the ideal solution for your needs.

Other Industries Served

Winco Stamping provides custom aluminum sheet metal stamping solutions for many industries across the U.S. from commercial security to aerospace, healthcare and many others.


1100 Aluminum – A strong alloy, considered “commercially pure” aluminum. It features high electrical conductivity, advanced corrosion resistance, and easy work-ability.

2024 Aluminum – Alloyed with copper for applications that require high strength-to-weight ratio and strong fatigue resistance.

3003 Aluminum – A general purpose alloy commonly used in sheet metal applications including siding, roofs and gutters.

5052 Aluminum – Alloyed with chromium and magnesium, often used for aircraft, architecture and street lighting.

6061 Aluminum – Precipitation-hardened alloy containing magnesium and silicon. It features good weld-ability and is commonly used for extruded products.


Aluminum is a popular parts metal due to its strength-to-weight ratio and high-shine appearance. Typical aluminum stamping operations include:

  • Forming
  • Blanking
  • Piercing
  • Bending

“Winco can handle different types of materials. I don’t have any other stampers. They are my go-to supplier.” – Aluminum Metal Stamping Client

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