Custom Pre-Galvanized Steel Parts

Winco Stamping produces 100% custom metal stamped parts anywhere nationally. Pre-galvanized steel is a multi-purpose metal, most commonly used as a rust-resistant alternative to cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to other steel forms, let Winco Stamping produce the best metal part for you with our in-house tooling system!

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Pre-Galvanized Steel Advantages

Galvanizing is the process of coating steel with a layer of zinc. The zinc bonds to the iron and creates a coating that protects the metal from rust. Pre-galvanized steel is one of the most common metals used for moisture-resistant products. The largest advantage of pre-galvanized steel is that it is significantly less expensive than aluminum and stainless steel without sacrificing quality. 

Pre-Galvanized Steel by Industry

Pre-Galvanized Steel Lighting

Pre-galvanized steel is best for lighting exposed to moisture. The rust-resistant material is ideal for indoor and outdoor lightswitch boxes, covers and other commercial lighting products.

Pre-Galvanized Steel Furniture

Commercial and exterior furniture is often assembled with pre-galvanized steel stampings. The water resistant properties and cost effectiveness make it a popular choice for furniture products.

Pre-Galvanized Steel Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment products should be strong, durable and rust-resistant. Pre-galvanized steel is all of these and a popular choice for construction and heavy machining companies.

Pre-Galvinized Agriculture Parts

Pre-galvanized steel tools work well for irrigation and equipment because of its water-resistant properties. It's also durable enough to be used for farming and production equipment.

Pre-Galvanized Steel Automation Parts

Pre-galvanized Steel is a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel for robotics and industrial automation equipment. Many manufacturers increase ROI by making the switch to durale pre-galvanized Steel.

Other Industries

Learn more about how cost-effective Pre-galvanized steel alloy is a popular steel used for products in other industries, including commercial security, medical equipment, healthcare products and more.

“Quality. That’s what we expect from our supplier. Price is not always the driving factor. We have tight tolerances and [Winco Stamping is] able to provide that for us while delivering on time.” – Satisfied Winco Stamping Client

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