Pre-galvanized steel is a multi-purpose metal, most commonly used as a rust-resistant alternative to cold and hot rolled steel. At Winco Stamping, we have 50 years of experience helping our clients find the best metals for their manufacturing needs.

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Pre-Galvanized Steel Advantages

Galvanizing is the process of coating steel with a layer of zinc. The zinc bonds to the iron and creates a coating that protects the metal from rust.

Pre-galvanized steel is one of the most common metals used for moisture-resistant products. The largest advantage of pre-galvanized steel is that it is significantly less expensive than aluminum and stainless steel.

Pre-Galvanized Steel by Industry


Pre-galvanized steel is the best choice for industrial lighting products that are exposed to moisture. Many electricians and construction professionals use pre-galvanized steel for lightswitch boxes, covers, conduit boxes and other commercial lighting products.


Commercial and exterior furniture is often assembled with pre-galvanized steel stampings. The water resistant properties of this material coupled with its low cost make it an ideal choice for furniture products.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment products often require a unique combination of durability, strength and water resistance. Pre-galvanized steel features the strength of cold rolled or hot rolled steel with the added advantage of rust resistance, making it ideal for this industry. Many metal components used for heavy equipment and machinery are built with pre-galvanized steel.


Pre-galvanized steel is a popular material used for irrigation and farming because it is water-resistant and durable. Most agriculture products come in regular contact with water, making corrosion resistance a top priority. It’s also imperative that farming equipment have the durability of cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation and robotics equipment is often formed from pre-galvanized steel. As a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel, pre-galvanized steel can be a great way to achieve a high quality product with lower overhead costs.

Other Industries Served

Pre-galvanized steel alloy is also a popular steel used for products in other industries, including commercial security, medical equipment, healthcare products and more.