At Winco Stamping our reason for being is Celebrating Excellence
We believe in creating new opportunities to enhance your experience with us. At Winco…

We understand our customers have needs and commitments to their customers.  This means:

  1. We are excited to learn about you and your needs.
  2. We will ask the right questions and listen to your answers.
  3. We will follow-up with you frequently utilizing our “quarterly check-in”.

We are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. This means:

  1. We will take great care to generate accurate work orders for your purchase order and unique program requirements.
  2. We will respond to all inquiries within twenty-four hours and your urgent requests within four.
  3. We will practice continuous quality and service improvement.

We will collaborate with our customers to meet their lead time requirements.  This means:

  1. We will provide a clear Program Agreement supported by your personalized Quote to keep expectations clear regarding what you can expect.
  2. We will be well-versed and ready to offer a solution that meets your needs and confirm we are on the same page.

We will act with integrity and transparency.  This means:

  1. We will share program definitions on our website describing all of our “JBR”  (Just Be Ready) inventory programs.
  2. We will deliver proactive communication throughout our relationship.

Start the partnership by requesting a quote for your next project.