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Brass Stamping Advantages

Brass is beautiful, tarnish-resistant zinc and copper alloy. This material is ideal for parts where aesthetics are an important aspect of the decision making process.

Other features of brass include:

  • Malleability
  • Ductility
  • Acoustic qualities
  • Antimicrobial qualities

The most popular type of brass metal is C26000 brass. It is a corrosion resistant metal that will not rust. Brass alloys boast various conductivity, solder-ability and hardness properties based on the level of zinc and copper used in the alloy. Our industry experts are readily available to provide recommendations on the best type of brass for your specific needs.

Brass Stampings by Industry


Brass is a common metal for commercial and residential lighting products. The attractive properties of brass make it ideal for decorative lighting applications. This metal’s corrosion resistance also makes it a great choice for exterior lighting parts.


Attractive, rust proof brass is a perfect choice for furniture parts due to its appearance and durability. With a stamped brass part you’re able to create a functional piece of furniture without sacrificing style.

Restaurant Equipment

While brass is not a common metal associated with restaurant equipment, it is often used for fittings, fasteners and valves used in commercial kitchens. The antimicrobial qualities and rust resistance of brass make it a great choice for this industry.


The need for corrosion resistant products is a primary issue in the agriculture and farming industry. Brass fittings and other stamped parts are an ideal solution to this problem. Whether you’re manufacturing parts for irrigation or other farming related products, brass metal stamped parts may be the perfect solution for your business.

Sailing / Yachting

Brass is a popular metal for beautiful and functional sailing and yachting parts. This water resistant and attractive metal can be formed into a number of stamped parts commonly used by watercraft manufacturers.

Other Industries Served

Brass alloy is also a popular material for products in other industries including medical equipment, aerospace, marine products, and electronics.