At Winco Stamping, we have experience forming hot rolled sheet metal into the parts needed for a number of OEMs in many different fields.

Hot rolled steel (sometimes referred to as “mild” steel) is created from low carbon steel. The primary advantage of low carbon steel vs. stainless steel is that mild steel is available in abundant supply in nature. Easy access to low carbon steel makes it a price-conscious alternative to many other types of metal.

Once obtained, low carbon steel is formed through a process of rolling at high temperatures. This process produces the metals final dimension at over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Hot Rolled Steel Advantages

Hot rolled steel is a cost-effective alternative to cold rolled steel or stainless steel. When price and quantity are more important than precise shapes and tolerances, hot rolled steel is the perfect choice. The metal’s wide availability and simple production process reduces overhead and improves lead times.

Hot Rolled Steel by Industry


Hot rolled steel is the most common type of metal for farming and agricultural use. This dense, durable material can hold up under the stress of constant use in the agriculture business. OEM’s of irrigation products, farming vehicles and other agriculture equipment rely on hot rolled steel stampings for its durability and availability in the market.

Computer Mounting Systems

Hot rolled steel is regularly chosen for mounting systems where appearance is not a high priority. Manufacturers of mounting systems for heavy technology like those used in industrial applications look to hot rolled steel as the most price conscious and reliable material for mounting products.

Heavy Equipment

Hot rolled steel is often associated with large machinery and industrial equipment. Not only is hot rolled steel strong enough to withstand the pressures of heavy equipment usage, it is also a cost-effective alternative to cold rolled and stainless steel. Strength and affordability make hot rolled steel perfect for the heavy equipment industry.

Industrial Automation

Large industrial automation machinery and robotics equipment is often constructed with hot rolled steel stampings. Any situation that requires a strong, durable product in large quantities with low overhead is a good candidate for hot rolled steel stamping.

Other Industries Served

Hot Rolled Steel stampings can be found in a wide variety of other industries. It is common to see hot rolled steel used in the production of water heaters, commercial or residential metal buildings, construction equipment and more.