Custom Hot Rolled Steel Stamped Parts

Winco Stamping provides custom hot rolled sheet metal forming to OEMs anywhere nationally. Hot rolled steel (sometimes referred to as “mild steel”) is created from low carbon steel. The primary advantage of low carbon steel vs. stainless steel is that mild steel is available in abundant supply in nature. This saves you money without sacrificing product quality

Winco Stamping provides short run metal parts and medium run metal parts. Our specialty in-house tooling process produces fast turnaround times and strict standards of quality. 

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Hot Rolled Steel by Industry

Hot Rolled Steel Agriculture Parts

Hot rolled steel is the most common type of metal for farming and agricultural equipment. It is a dense, durable material that can hold up under the stress of constant use in the agriculture business.

Hot Rolled Steel Mounting Systems

Hot rolled steel is regularly chosen for computer mounting systems where appearance is not a high priority. Hot rolled steel as the most price conscious and reliable material for mounting products.

Hot Rolled Steel Heavy Equipment

Hot rolled steel is a cost effective option for material that needs to be strong enough for heavy machinery usage. It is a go-to metal for construction and manufacturing industries.


Hot rolled steel is a cost-effective alternative to cold rolled steel or stainless steel. When price and quantity are more important than precise shapes and tolerances, hot rolled steel is the perfect choice. The metal’s wide availability and simple production process reduces overhead and improves lead times.

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