Metal Stamping

Winco Stamping is committed to providing our customers with the parts they need when they need them. We’re not here to just be a supplier. When you work with Winco, we’re proud to call you a partner. With a 24-hour response time and on-time tooling promise, we’ve been committed to partners like you for over 70 years.

Winco's 3 Uniques

Low maintenance supplier

Winco is committed to 100% service. Our technology-driven manufacturing processes and quick-change tooling allows for easy turnaround.

On time shipping pledge

We supply all clients with 5 free tool samples. If you do not receive them by the date we promise, your tooling fee is also free.

Engineering focused

We specialize in custom metal stamped product start-ups, legacy products, and low-to-medium volume product lines available in a variety of materials.

Take a look at our design guide to learn if our capabilities align with your project.