Winco Stamping

Updated – Tuesday, 6/22/21

As a result of your feedback…

Quotes on your PO’s will be turned around in 1-3 days.

  • Additionally, if your quote hasn’t changed, we will release and acknowledge your order within the same time frame.

Expediting is back!

  • The fee for expedited parts is 30% (subject to a $150 fee minimum).
  • Additional fees from our vendors as a result of outside services or material, will also be passed through.
  • Limited opportunities are available on a first come first serve basis.

Finally, during this tumultuous time, we are implementing a On-Time Guarantee!

If any of your parts leave our dock later than we promised…
We will credit you 2% of the sales price.

None of us have complete control over the current environment, but we’re in it together and are demonstrating this with more than just words.

You are very important to us and we are thankful for your business.

Your Trusted Partner,
The Winco Stamping Team

P.S. In the spirit of excellence and relationship building, below are our FAQs (and an A). We have received many questions and want to share them with you.

A. Yes, we’re requoting it!

  • Due to the volatility in the metals market, we will be evaluating all PO’s and each stocking program build for requote.
  • If you’re unhappy with your requote, you’re welcome to try again.  Just email your account manager and ask for a re-requote.  We are more than happy to shop around the material upon your request.

Q. When can I expect to receive a new quote?

  • You can expect a new quote within 1-3 days.  Please check with your Account Manager if we’re beyond day 3.

Q. How do you determine our new quote?

  • The initial quote you receive is based on a material quote from the vendor we received the best pricing from last time.  It is entered into our quoting system and calculated from the current job instructions.

Q. Do you shop material around?

  • Sometimes we do, however, this is more often driven by lack of material availability than price. Because material is getting harder to find, we will likely shoot you a new quote immediately – when we’re lucky enough to find one. The difficulty with price shopping, is by the time we get an additional quote, the first one has likely expired.  If it was lower, we now missed that opportunity.  Only you know what your urgency and flexibility are.  The decision to try your luck with a new quote should reside with you and we’re here to support that.

Q. Why is the quote expiration so soon?

  • Our metal suppliers are shifting to “while it lasts” pricing.  We will hear verbally, “a quote is good for 24 hours”, but with the caveat “unless we run out”.  We will state 24 hours on most quotes.  However, we too must make this contingent on our vendor’s supply.
  • Just because your quote expired, however, doesn’t mean we will not try. Submit your new PO and if we can still get that price – we’re golden.  If we cannot, your account manager will let you know and re-submit your order for another quote.

Q. When will my job be scheduled?

  • For a new order, the anticipated start date is about 5 weeks out.
  • If you have a Stocking Program with us, these will be scheduled approximately 1 week following quote approval.

Q. Can I see the status of my recent orders?

  • Fridays we send out a “2-Week Sales Orders Entered” report.  Just send your account manager a request, and you will be added to the list!

Q. What if I need my parts sooner?

  • Expediting is once again available to our customers. The expediting fee is 30% of your quote with a minimum fee of $150. Any external expediting fees we receive will also be passed through.  Limited opportunities are available on a first come first serve basis.
  • If you need to make a special request, please let your account manager know. Every Thursday we evaluate requests received by 3PM on Wednesday to see what we can do. We will get back to you on Friday.