Winco Stamping

Updated – Tuesday, 12/14/21

On July 1st, 2021 we implemented an On-Time Shipping guarantee.

If you received your parts later than we promised…
We credited you 2% of the sales price.

We knew, we didn’t have complete control over the current environment, but wanted you to know we’re in this with you and are demonstrating this with more than just words.

Since then:

  • we’ve worked with our suppliers on stocking programs,
  • found new suppliers when necessary,
  • hired additional staff (we continue to look for more great people),
  • added capacity and efficiency to our production process, and most importantly,
  • utilized transparent and trusted scheduling to give you a date we’re confident we can meet.

We have made substantial progress from 77% on-time in the month of July to 93% in December.  We were anticipating an end to this credit on 12/31/21, but with omicron now threating our collective livelihood, we will be continuing it for another quarter.  More than ever, we will continue to face these challenges together.

You are very important to us and we are thankful for your business.

Your Trusted Partner,
The Winco Stamping Team

Common FAQ’s

Q. When can I expect to receive a new quote?

  • You can expect a new quote within 48 hours. If there is a delay, usually due to locating material or a change in outside service vendors, your quote may take longer and we will let you know.

Q. When will my job be scheduled?

  • With omicron, the pandemic is once again situated to threaten the supply chain and we have added a 2-week scheduling buffer around this.
  • For a new order, the anticipated start date is about 6 weeks out.
  • If you have a Stocking Program with us, these will be scheduled approximately 2 weeks following quote approval.
  • Our goal is to start your job early and finish early. But most importantly, we want to give you a date you can rely on.  The status of your order can be followed on the Open Order Status report.  These are emailed on Fridays.  Please let your account manager know if you would like to be added to the list.    

Q. Can I see the status of my recent orders?

  • Fridays we send out a “2-Week Sales Orders Entered” report.  Just send your account manager a request, and you will be added to the list!

Q. What if I need my parts sooner?

  • Expediting is once again available to our customers. The expediting fee is 30% of your quote with a minimum fee of $150. Any external expediting fees we receive will also be passed through.  Limited opportunities are available on a first come first serve basis.