Winco Stamping has the equipment and the resources to provide your parts complete utilizing our large array of value added services.

  • Welding
  • Assembly and kitting
  • Hardware insertion
  • Tapping, reaming, countersinking
  • ​Orbital riveting
  • Standardization of in house equipment​
  • ​Tools maintained for the life of the part


Winco Stamping's state-of-the art facility offers great advantages over other manufacturing processess and our competitors. Find out how Winco Stamping can help you be competitive in your market by offering the following:

  • Part to part and order to order repeatability
  • Tighter tolerances than fabrication
  • Lower piece price than fabrication
  • Lower tooling expenditure than progressive dies

 Open our online Design Guide to see our capabilities.




  • Painting and powder coating
  • Plating - zinc, nickel, chrome, tin and more
  • Heat treating
  • Silk screeing
  • ​Deburring
Wire EDM used in tool building process
  • Standardization of in house equipment
  • Ability to react quickly to design changes
  • Climate controlled factory
  • Blanking presses up to 150 tons
Metal Stamping forming presses at Winco Stamping

From Anodizing to Zinc plating, Winco Stamping has the resources and capabilities to turn your parts complete...

Forming Metals and Relationships

From dedicated, low cost tooling to quick setups, Winco's unique processes are in place to better serve our customers needs...

In-House Tooling

Winco Stamping's in-house tool building process is second to none in the industry. Winco utilizes robots and programmable wire EDM machines that allow us to burn hardened tool steel 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

  • Low cost tooling
  • Part number dedicated tooling
  • Robotically loaded wire EDM machines

See how Winco's part number dedicated tooling, in-house tool room and on-time tooling guarantee can make your new tool buying process quick, easy and convenient.